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Miss Velour - Twenty of My Cane Part 1 (HD wmv)

May 01, 2017 − Miss Velour

5:56 minutes

“That floor is still dirty. Go and get the cane slave, its twenty for you.” While the slave crawls off to collect Miss Velour’s cane, she secures Rubette to the bondage chair “I’m going to make you watch me punish that slave”. Miss Velour adds more weights to Rubette’s balls cock. The slave returns with Mistress’s cane. “Give that to me slave, now bend over there. Look at that floor slave!” Mistress brings the cane cracking down on his ass. “Present your ass properly otherwise I will not hit you in the right places. The slave howls in agony as Miss Velour brings the cane cracking down on his cold bare ass. “At ten you are to beg me for the privilege of kissing my feet”. Miss Velour delivers more evil blows of her cane as the slave whimpers and howls.


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