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“I’ve been walking around bare foot today and my feet are absolutely disgusting, I want you to clean them with your mouth and savour the taste of the toe jam” “Yes Mistress” “Put your tongue between my big toe and second toe and lick out all the dirt” You are no better than the lowest point of my foot - you know that don’t you - you dirty little fucker. Its a privilege for you to eat the filth from my feet. The dirt from between my toes is more dominate than you could ever be.

“Nibble the dirt off my feet” the slave cleans his Mistresses feet with his tongue. “See my callus?” “Yes Mistress” “Nibble that. You don’t know what a callus is do you?” “No Mistress”. “Its hard skin and its under my baby toe. Are you stupid?” “Yes Mistress” “Slap yourself then”. The slave slaps his face “Harder - you’re not doing it hard enough, come here” Mistress gives the slave a hard face slapping first with her hands, then with her feet.

(This full length version contains two clips)