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The Mistresses have got a slave on his back on the floor. “You’re going to be our little plaything for today”. They secure his cock and balls to a CBT board and put a plastic bag over his head. Goddess Felicity wraps a rope around his neck while Lady Andromeda torments his bound balls with her nails. Goddess Felicity joins in the CBT fun and crushes his balls in her fist. They laugh at the whimpering noise he makes as Lady Andromeda digs her high heels into his balls. 

Goddess Felicity puts a plastic bag over the slave’s head while Lady Andromeda torments his balls with pincers. He starts howling so Goddess sits on his face. Good that's much quieter. She graciously permits him some air. The Mistresses continue the attack on his cock and balls, gripping and jabbing them. He’a getting very noisy again so Goddess Felicity applies her ass to his face to shut him up.

The slave’s wailing continues while the Mistresses laugh at his pathetic noises. Lady Andromeda smothers him with her hand while Goddess Felicity crushes his balls in her hand. The slave begs for mercy “Please, please, please Goddess aaargh” “What do you say when I take my hands off your pathetic little balls?” “Thank you Goddess Felicity”. The slave shrieks again and is rewarded with more bag smother. Goddess removes the bag and spits in his mouth “Now hold it there”.

“Show us how much you want to breath” says Goddess Felicity, foot firmly planted on the slave’s face. She makes him lick her soles through the bag. He’s allowed a bit more air. “What a sorry excuse for a man” Goddess spits in his mouth “Now you’re going to hold that in your mouth while you take whatever comes - aren’t you” She applies clamps to his nipples as Lady Andromeda applies clover clamps to his cock. “You may now swallow my spit” says Goddess Felicity while Lady Andromeda tramples on his balls.

The Mistresses stand on the slave’s cock and balls. “Oh his cock is oozing what a slut - its on my shoes. Lick it off my heels slave”. The slave attempts to do so through the plastic bag. He’s not trying hard enough. He won’t be allowed any air until he does. The slave makes a huge effort and is allowed to breath. His cock is very hard and is leaking a lot. Lady Andromeda steps on his cock and Goddess Felicity joins in. He’s getting so nosy Lady Andromeda plants her big curvy butt on his bagged head to keep him quiet.

“You’ve sweated on me, lick it off” the slave obeys. Goddess Felicity steps on his balls - he’s making too much noise. Lady Andromeda smothers him with her hand while Goddess Felicity twists his balls. Lady Andromeda makes him lick pre-cum from her fingers. “Now you’re going to really suffer for us aren’t you. You’ve had your warm up - so its about to get real. The bag goes on and Goddess Felicity ropes it. Although his cock is hard and leaking the Mistresses don’t allow him to cum. They walk off leaving him tied up in bondage

(this film contains the entire series of six clips)