“Goddess Felicity has a slave bagged up and wearing a ball gag. “Let’s get you fixed in place”. She secures his arms with cable ties and puts his wrists in leather cuffs “That’s what I like helpless little bitches, suffering for my pleasure”

“You’re all mine aren’t you? mine to do with as I please. I’m going to add another layer of helpless - inhale now. Yes you’re starting to float about”. She wraps a rope around the bag”. “Those balls are going to suffer”, Mistress turns the handle on the ball crushing vice. “I can feel them getting crushed and you’re just going to take it while I ignore your pathetic little screams”

“Let’s do some more crushing” “Arrrgh arrgh”. “Your balls are trapped so just suck it up. That’s what I want you to do. How much does that hurt? I’m guessing an awful lot. But it’s not putting you off is it?” Goddess flicks her finger on his cock which is oozing pre cum. She makes him eat it”

(This half length version contains the first 3 clips)

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