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“Bend over slut - you know why you’re here don’t you? You need a proper beating today and not just my hand. You’re going to take my cane because that’s what I want. You’re not being punished - I’m doing it because I enjoy it.” Mistress plays with the slut’s nipples “You are to count silently”. Goddess Felicity brings a thick cane slashing down on the TS slut’s ass, again and again. “Hmmmm your ass is reddening up nicely - you’re going to have a lot of marks by the time I’ve finished with you”

The cane lands with increasing velocity. The slut slaps the bench with her hands while howling “Thank you Goddess”. “I’m going to hit you as hard as I possibly can for the next six” “Arrrrgh”. Mistress laughs merrily “Ride that wave of pain for me slut” “aaargh fuck”. Why are you swearing slut? Do you think that’s acceptable? I was done with you but you need to be taught some manners”. Goddess Felicity picks up a second cane. “Another six for you as hard as possible, and you’re to say - I’m sorry Goddess I will not swear in your presence”.

(This full length version contains two clips)