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Governor Vivienne has been economising on medical staff again and has released Dr Dyre from prison to run her private clinic. Today she’s brought in prisoner Plod who has been stitched up for refusing to turn a blind eye to sex slavery at Eleanor Cross Police Station. Plod is ordered to strip and Dr Dire and the governor secure him to the examination table, and the Governor puts him in a full enclosure hood. Unknown to them Plod has been helping himself liberally to the prison officers’ party supplies. Now the effects have worn off his whole body is super sensitive.

“I think we’ll see what his tolerances for electrics are, but first let’s see how long he can hold his breath - put him under duress please doctor”. The Governor inserts an anal probe into the patient’s anus. “Good now please continue with the breathing tests doctor”. The patient starts to react to the electric anal probe which pumps in and out of his ass. “See how he immediately gets a hard on doctor?”

The Governor and Dr Dyre attach electrodes to the patient’s balls and add an anal probe and wire that upas well. “Have these been recently emptied?” “No governess” “When were they last emptied? “Last week governess” The Governor discusses the electrode settings with Dr Dyre and they select waves. The patient reacts to the anal probe but not the cock electrodes. Hmm interesting let’s plug it into the mains. The Governor turns it up. Is that switch on? the Dr flicks the switch arrgh argh ahhhh ah uh he’s definitely feeling something now.

Governor Vivienne and Dr Dyre are subjecting patient Plod to electro convulsive therapy. They try out some equipment from the 1940s. “Now if you test it on him you’ll be able to establish the correct levels”. The patient starts getting noisy. the Governor joins in with a second probe and patient Plod starts to thrash - he’s now being very noisy indeed. “Look he’s reacting when we’re not doing anything!” Little do they realise that it’s due to the unofficial meds he’s been helping himself to. “He’s like a wild creature isn’t he?” “arrgh argh argh”. Patient Plod demolishes the examination table.

(This full length version contains four clips)