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Governor Vivienne locks a new prisoner into the punishment cell with a chained prisoner awaiting punishment. The chained prisoner urges him to escape. They hear the Governor returning. She’s heard that the prisoners has been plotting to jump her. "What’s that prisoner been inciting you to do?" "To escape governess" "Well you’re also guilty of a crime as you’ve been trying to have sex with a kitchen boy, so you’re both going to be punished. The Governor whips the chained prisoner while interrogating him.

The Governor continues whipping the chained prisoner while he dances in pain. She picks up a stick. "Face the wall" she thwacks his ass "were you trying to escape? That will mean another 8 years on your sentence". "No governess" the whipping continues "were you inciting the other prisoner to escape?" "No governess". He’s lying - soon he’s covered in marks from her single tail whip. The Governor secures the second prisoner, and interrogates and whips both of them.

The prisoner leaps off the floor in a frenzy as the whip lands on his ass "Three more" the prisoner howls as they land painfully on his sore butt. The Governor passes him a whip. He has a choice - whip the other prisoner or suffer himself. He decides to save his own skin. "Go on - do it harder. Good now what d’you say to him?" "Sorry." "What!? What d’you mean - sorry!" The prisoner gets a formal whipping for stupidity - including one across the soles of both feet "Oooh - fucking hell fire" he shrieks.

(This full length version contains three clips)