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“That’s where you belong” says Lady Bellatrix “kneeling at my feet, licking the scum off the bottom of my shoe. Some are born to serve, others born to be served. Now lick!” Lady Bellatrix's husband kneels on the floor and obediently licks her shoes clean.

Lady Bellatrix jabs her heels into the slave’s body. “Open your mouth. I’m fucking your mouth with my heels. Suck on this one while I jab your nipple with my other heel. Now to put my full weight on you. Take it! Take it! Now remove my shoe and smell it”.

Mistress inserts her big toe in the slave’s mouth. The slave has a tempting view up Mistress’s skirt. Lady Bellatrix is still wearing one of her shoes and she grinds it onto the slave’s body while he groans. “Take my other shoe off and put your tongue between each toe”. Mistress jams her foot down the slave’s throat.

(This full length version contains three clips)