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Lady Bellatrix calls her slave into the kitchen and beats his cock with a wooden spoon. Nothing like tenderised meat for a successful recipe. "Head up straight slave” Lady Bellatrix pours baked beans over the slave’s head and they trickle down his face. Next we’ve got mushy peas. Generally served with fish and chips but today we are serving them with slave. Lady Bellatrix scrapes them over the slave’s head. Lady Bellatrix shovels the food mess over the slave’s cock

“Now for desert. Lets start with a tub of rich custard”. Lady Bellatrix licks the lid. “Hmm delicious”. She pours the custard over the slave’s head "That’s a vast improvement isn’t it slave? Rub it all over your  disgusting cock and balls". Lady Bellatrix sprays the slave’s mouth full of cream. She picks up a custard cream pie and slaps it onto the slave’s face. The slave has cream and food dripping off his cock. Mistress rubs her feet into the food. “Come here and lick my feet clean slave”. The slave licks the disgusting food mixture off his Mistress’s feet.

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