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“Ah so this is your new puppy” says Mistress Tiffany “Have you been training him?” “Yes I’ll get him to do some tricks for us”. “Come on, there’s a good boy - sit” “What else does he do? “He can speak, its one bark for yes and two for no but I don’t allow him to say no”. “Are you a bottom sniffing pup?” “Woof.” The Mistresses tickle his stomach. “He does tend to hump legs but I’m going to get him castrated so that won’t be a problem anymore”.

“Go and get your toy - fetch! Good boy. Do you want to go to walkies?” “Woof” Miss Petite leads her puppy out of his pen. “Lie down. Good boy. Sit. Roll over. That was to slow - faster. Good boy”. “Is he going to sniff my bottom as I walk past?” “Yes he might do that”. Puppy starts humping Mistress Tiffany’s leg. Miss Petite slaps him “bad dog that’s why these need to come off, to stop you humping legs”.

“Can we use any implements on him?” asks Mistress Tiffany. “Yes we can because it’s good for training”. “His coordination isn’t very good is it? “A bit of discipline may fix that”. Mistress Tiffany picks up a whip. “I want a bark every time you get a slap to your bottom” “Woof” “I think he needs an extra hard one for humping your leg Mistress”. “He’s a horny little bitch on heat”.

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