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The Mistress are looking divine, dressed in gorgeous lingerie. They are armed with canes and dangerous. “You look a bit too happy to see us slave”. They roll his cock between their canes and claw his body with their long sharp nails. Mistress Ava handles his cock while Mistress Bounty teases his balls “Remember slave - no cuming without permission.” 

Mistress Ava puts on her dildo harness and compares her cock with the slave’s “You’ve actually got a decent sized penis for a slave. Turn around slave.” Mistress Ava inserts her fingers up his ass - no problem with access there - so it’s rapidly followed by her big black cock. “Nice and deep in your little slut hole.” While Mistress Bounty teases his cock, Mistress Ava fucks his ass “We’re milking you from both ends slave - hold onto his balls so he can’t cum Mistress”

Mistress Ava has suspended the slave by his hands and is fucking his ass with her big black cock. “I don’t care how purple your cock goes you’re not allowed to cum” says Mistress Bounty. They shove pre-cum in his mouth. Mistress spits into her hand and lubricates his cock with it. “Don’t even think about cumming.” “We have good wood here but your cock has got to learn to cum on command.” They put a condom on him. “Now we can catch every single drop and make you eat it.” “Oh yes, oh yes” The Mistresses pour the gooey cum down his throat.

(This full length version contains three clips)