Mistress Ava and Felicity’s Cigarette Slave (full) HD wmv 0
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Mistress Ava and Goddess call their human ashtray in. He lights their cigarettes. Mistress Ava leans forward and blows smoke into his mouth “Have you no manners? Goddess Felicity slaps his face “manners cost nothing”. “Thank you” says the slave. “To me” says Mistress Ava. “He doesn’t even realise does he? What a waste of space”. “Open your mouth and hands behind your back”. Mistress Felicity drops ash in his open mouth.

“Open! Stick your tongue out”. “He doesn’t make a very good ashtray does he?” “He keeps failing to catch our ash”. “is not about what you want - its about pleasing us”. You didn’t ask permission to breath slave. Mistress Ava slaps his face. “Open - tongue out”. Mistress Felicity drops ash on his tongue. “Don’t swallow! You’re thinking for yourself - don’t think - obey! Now chew it. Stick your tongue and let me see it. Good. Now swallow. What do you say?” “Thank you Mistress” “Good that’s better”.

“I don’t want any smoke dribbling through your lips”. Mistress Ava blows smoke into his mouth and holds it shut with her gloved hand. The slave coughes and splutters. “Just as I thought!” Mistress Ava slaps his face repeatedly. “Now stick your tongue out”. The slave sticks out his tongue with ash on it. “Swallow it”. The Mistresses spit in his hands and stub out their cigarettes. “These should really be stubbed out on your tongue shouldn’t they?” “Yes Mistress”. They put the stubs in his mouth. “Now hold them there”.

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