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The Mistresses have got a new fuck toy “He looks ready for the fucking” says Mistress Ava, inspecting the slave’s anus. “Yes he’s nice and exposed for us”, Mistress Felicity pushes her big black cock up the slave’s ass. “Am I stretching you?” “Yes Mistress”. “Good - now all you have to do is relax while both of us use you”. “Its not about his interests - its about ours”.

“He’s nice and opened up for you Mistress. “Wow - now its my turn. The question is shall I be gentle or shall I be evil? This is one horny little hole - I think he’s a total slut. Its ages since I’ve been inside a slave”. You realise this is just the warn up don’t you? You’re very lucky to be getting a fucking by our she-cocks”

“Let’s use this cock on your ass. Its torture isn’t it - cock torture. Just take it for me because you can’t do anything to stop it can you? I’ll have you coming on the end of my cock like the little slut you are. I’m milking you from the inside - look at all your ass juice on my cock - how very rude”. “You’re in nice and deep Mistress”. “Yes absolutely. “What do you say slave?” “Thank you Goddess”.

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