Mistress Ava and Felicity's Slave Shafting (Full) HD wmv 1
Mistress Ava and Felicity's Slave Shafting (Full) HD wmv 2

“Two little slave’s ripe for the fuckening, which shall we enjoy first?” “We’ll start with this one. And we’’ve got someone else who wants a piece of your man cunt slave.” Goddess Felicity inserts her cock in his mouth. “I’m sure you can go deeper than that slave. The home for my cock is down your throat”. Mistress Ava takes her place. “We want to see how hungry you are for us”.

“Get on it slave - I want my cock sucked. Just relax around it and give me what I want” “Hold your ass cheeks open slave - let’s see how hungry your little hole is for my big throbbing cock. Oh that’s a beautiful hole for Mistress to fill right up. Yes that’s where I want to be. Take me deep in your whore ass”.

Goddess Felicity is giving the slave’s ass hole a dildo pounding, while Master Martin slaps his big black cock against the slave’s lips. That’s fucking good isn’t it slave?” he pushes his cock down the slave’s throat. Mistress Ava takes a turn at stuffing the slave’s ass “That’s fucking awesome! Take it all slave”. Master Martin swaps places with her. ”Tell Daddy how much you love his cock inside you” says Mistress Ava.

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