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“Do you like my ass slave?” “Yes Mistress” “How can you tell? Its not close enough” “No Mistress” Mistress sits on his face. “Do you like my arse now?” Yes Mistress” “Really? Why don’t you lick it?”  Mistress rubs her crack backwards and forwards on the slave’s tongue. “Lick my ass crack. You don’t deserve my pussy, ass is all you deserve. You are still licking my pussy! Mistress positions herself so the slave is made to lick asshole. Oh look I’m flattening your face - an added bonus”

Mistress has the slave squashed under her ass - she raises herself slightly and farts loudly in his face. Mistress sits down again “Mmm getting nice and comfy on your face and squashing it. Yes you’re licking my ass just like you deserve”. “Thank you Mistress”  Mistress bounces up and down farting in the slave’s face “Hmm that’s ripe I don’t even want to be around that myself”

(this full length version contains two clips)