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How big is your cock slave?” “Not very big Mistress” “I want to see you stroke your cock off but you have to do it next to my gorgeous big brown she-cock” “Yes Mistress”. “Hear that sound? its the sound a wet pussy makes when a big cock is fucking it” “Get your cock out let’s have a look at it. Ha ha ha - or what would be a cock in a normal person! Now hold it like this in your hand. You can’t do that? Ok hold it between your finger and thumb then”.

“Keep your hand static and push your hips forward. Your hand’s moving slave - why is it doing that?” “My penis is too small Mistress” “Well if a woman actually wanted your cock - how would you do it?” I would have to push it in Mistress” “But you are not actually pushing slave. Come on push, push push. Try on my cock”. The slave has no ideas how do this. “Are you trying to masturbate it slave? You’re not doing that properly either - do it like this - now try it. Useless! You’re dismissed.”

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