“I can’t understand piggies who say that they can afford my services when they cannot. So since you can’t afford a session with me, I’m going to have to make you pay in other ways.  30 people logging into my Skype private chat right now. What are the requests? Face slapping? Mistress slaps the slave’s face. This is followed by nipple torment and face spitting. “Really?” says Mistress pointing to the slave’s minute cock. “Look its hardly showing”. She slaps his face again. 

"Shall I do some ballbusting? If you tip me lots and lots - I’ll do it. Send me 20 dollars right now”. The money flows in and Mistress kicks the slave in the balls. Then its more requests for face slapping. “Now kiss my ass” the slave obediently bends over and kisses it.  She teases him with her breasts. “I’m going to let one of these puppies loose. They’re so big and full. “If you were a good pay piggy I’d be sitting on your face with no knickers, but instead I’m taking one last request. Ah more ballbusting” Mistress kicks him in the balls and the slave doubles up in pain

(this long version contains two clips)

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