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“My personal slaves know that I am everything and they are nothing. They belong completely under my feet. Slave come here”. Mistress puts her foot on the slave’s back and pushes him down to the floor. Kiss my feet twice on each one. Now lie on your back” Mistress sits on his face. “Hmm very very comfortable on your face. Keep your head right there”. Mistress rubs her ass on his nose. Can you smell my ass?

Mistress is bouncing up and down on the slave’s nose. She buries his face in her ass. Sometimes she even allows him to breath. When she doesn’t you hear the sound of him trying to inhale with that big beautiful ass on his face. Mistress changes position. “Maybe next time I won’t move off your fuck-tard face because your cock is doing things it shouldn’t be doing. Now go - you’re dismissed”

(this extended version contains two clips)