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“Slave! come here. You are to worship my high heeled strappy sandals using your hands and where necessary, your tongue. I want to be able to see my reflection shining from my shoes. Understand?” Yes Mistress”. The slave plants kisses all over Mistress’s shoes. “I told you to use your hands!” The slave carries on kissing her shoes and not following orders, Mistress steps on his his hand. “Do as I tell you or I will flatten you”

“Now lick around the edges and don’t touch my skin”. “Yes Mistress” The slave licks Mistresses stiletto shoes. “Polish them with your hands and do the same to my second shoe - shine them. Get down on the floor on your back tongue out”. Mistress wipes her dirty shoes on the slave’s tongue and makes him suck the heels. “Hmm I’m ready for my session now. Make yourself scarce until I need you again”

(This full length version contains two clips)