“I’m going to show you exactly where you belong. Underneath the lowest point of the lowest point of my entire body. My dirty, scuzzy feet”. Mistress clicks her fingers “slave come here. You’re going to lick the filth from underneath my dirty feet. And you’re going to love it” “Yes Mistress” “You’re going to say mm yummy when you do it” “Yes Mistress”. “Come on. The slave licks the dirt from underneath Mistress’s feet.

“Look at that - do you see that piece of dirt there?” “Yes Mistress” I want you to lick it off”.  The slave cleans Mistress’s foot with his tongue. “Now stick your tongue out” Mistress wipes her feet over the slave’s tongue “Lie on your back” Mistresses pushes her dirty toes down the slave’s throat. He coughs and gets foot slapped by Mistress, who inserts her toes down his throat again.

(This full length version contains two clips)

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