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"Today we’re playing with our stocking slave - and if you don’t know what one of those is we’re sitting on it." "We’re going to feminise it. Get up while we attach lovely fully fashioned stockings to your six strap garter belt. We’re making you look like a girl and we’ll spank you like a girl." "Look at that ridiculous little dicklet."

“Mistress Erika and I are not correctly dressed - we need fully fashioned stockings. What are your presenting? Oh fully fashioned Christian Dior stockings, very good.” “May I put them on Mistress Erika?” “Yes you may. Remove Mistress Erika’s shoes first. Now fasten the stockings to her garter belt.” “Oh they feel lovely, absolutely beautiful. Now kiss my feet before putting my shoes back on.”

“Oh look - fully fashioned seamed Dior stockings to grace my beautiful legs. Put them on me slave. The last time I wore any this nice was at the Fem Domme Ball when they were supplied by my stocking slave - weren’t they?” “Yes Mistress” and you laundered them afterwards and scented them as well, didn’t you?” “Yes Mistress I scent them with Carolina Herrera.” “Now you are to lick my stocking seam all the way up from my foot.

(This full length version contains three clips)