Mistress Erika - Whipping Makes Me Wet (full) HD wmv 1
Mistress Erika - Whipping Makes Me Wet (full) HD wmv 2

“I’ve had a stressful week so I’m taking it out on your ass slave. I think I’ll start with a crop. You are to count to ten in German slave. What happens if you forget?” “You go back to the beginning Mistress.

Now for her sjambok. Mistress brings it slashing down on the slave’s red buttocks. “Moan you bitch. Now beg me for more.” The slave begs for ten more of the whip. “Good” the whip comes slashing down again. “My panties are getting soaked slave, I’m feeling horny, I think I’ll whip you ten more times”.

Time for the cane - Mistress Erika brings it down, hard, onto the slave’s ass. The slave screams. “I’m going to give you twenty slave. You’re going to have trouble sitting down on that ass tomorrow”. The slave screams while Mistress laughs and brings her cane down. Again and again.

(This film contains three clips)