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“There’s something about about riding boots and an ass in full seat riding breeches, which is really sexy” “How’s your pony Mistress?” “He’s very disappointing - he’s lost weight and his saddle doesn’t fit”. Mistress Tiffany mounts him. “Definitely not good breeding stock - maybe I should geld him?” Both Mistress get on his back together “Oh no he’s crumpling - what a useless piece of shit”

“Let’s see how he is at boot licking shine my boots with your tongue, lick the horse shit off”. He gets to work with his tongue. “The important area is the boot sole, that’s the dirtiest, tastiest area”. “I think he needs a bit of encouragement” Mistress Tiffany grabs his head and pushes his tongue on Mistress Petite’s dirty soles. “Hmm you missed a bit - ugh - its on my finger nail lick it off, now tongue wash my boots - how do they taste?” “Dirty Mistress”

Mistress Tiffany selects a riding crop and sits astride the pony’s back. “Let’s tenderise those cheeks” Mistress whacks the pony boy’s ass until his cheeks are red. “Maybe we should brand him with our claws?” The Mistresses scratch him with their long nails. Its Mistress Petite’s turn to whip the pony “You’re to neigh each time I hit you”. Mistress Tiffany inspects the pony’s floppy balls “just look at them - they’re useless. Right they’re coming off, let’s get the equipment”

“My ass is quite sweaty from riding” says Mistress Petite. Mistress Tiffany pushes his nose into Mistress Petite’s ass crack “Get your nose right in there - good. Now it’s my turn”. Mistress Petite grabs his head and pushes it into Mistress Tiffany’s ass cleft “have a good old sniff - saviour the flavour”. “Oh dear the curry I had last night’s coming back to haunt you”. I know let’s ride his face” Mistress Tiffany and Mistress Petite take turns riding the pony’s face. “Can you breath?” No Mistress” “Smothered by my ass’.

(This full length version contains four clips)