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The slave girl kneels on the floor, waiting for her Mistresses. “We want to give you a cocktail.” Mistress Ava drools spit into her mouth. Mistress Adreena plays with the Mistress Ava’s spit and adds to it. The Mistresses take turns in filling the slave girl’s mouth full of spit. “She’s gorgeous isn’t she?” “Beautiful.” “Let’ s see” says Mistress Ava. Slave girl opens her mouth, displaying the giant spitty cocktail. She blows spit bubbles and sucks the spit back into her mouth. “Oh she’s really good isn’t she? That is amazing”

“Now let the spit go - all the way down to your tits.” The slave girl releases the spit so that it hangs in a ten inch long thick thread to her breasts. Mistress Ava plays with it and rubs it into her tits which glisten with spit. “Thank you Mistresses”. The Mistresses order her over the spanking bench, They inspect her pretty cunt and stroke and spank her gorgeous round ass.

It’s a very cheeky bottom. The Mistress spank the slave girl’s ass while she moans ecstatically “Oh thank you Mistresses”. Mistress Ava pulls the slave girl’s ass cheeks apart and spits in her asshole. Mistress Adreena adds to the spit. Mistress Ava feels the slave girl’s cunt “I don’t think she’s just wet with the spit, she’s getting very excited” Mistress Ava enjoys some tongue to tongue action with the slave girl and orders her to suck her toes and lick her feet

(This full length version contains three clips)