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Tiffany Naylor’s got her black muscle slave in bondage. He may be strong but there's no escape. Mistress is still angry about his failure to polish her latex properly, and he snagged her stockings when retrieving the key. “I can’t get to the gym slave because I’ve been wasting my time on you, so I’ll have to work out using you instead. You're going to be my punch bag. Mistress punches him in the face and knees him in the balls. “Does that hurt slave?” “Yes Mistress” “Good”.

Tiffany Naylor goes in with a flurry of punches to the slave’s body and face. He staggers but the bondage prevents him from falling over. Mistress punches him on his nose and knees him between his legs. “Right in the nut sack slave” she says delivering a series of well aimed punches to his balls. “You don’t need these do you slave? No one needs them”

“Right slave the gloves are coming off”. Mistress slashes her long nails down the slave’s body leaving long red lines. She buries the sharp prongs of her fetish bra into his skin. Soon his torso is covered in red slashes and indentations. “What’s better - being scratched or bring punched?” Scratched Mistress”. Oh well in that case the gloves are going back on again”. The slave gets another flurry of punches from Mistress.
(this full length version contains three clips)