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“Slave I’ve gone and dropped the key to your wrist cuffs down my stockings. So you’ve got to get it out without using your hands. Take a good look because I’m blindfolding you. Ah slave you’re fucking useless no its not there you’re nowhere near.” The slave manages to locate the key with his lips find the key and get his lips around it but then loses it again.

“Try again slave”. The slave locates the key and starts pushing it up Mistress’s leg but loses it again, He’s panting with exhaustion. “Don’t ladder my tights slave!” The slave manages to get the key right up to Mistress’s stocking top. Tiffany slips the key out of her stocking and hides it in her hand. She leaves the slave desperately hunting for it with his nose and tongue while she laughs at him. “Now slave I’m going and you can sit there and think about how useless you are”

(This full length version contains two clips)