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“I wanted us to go shopping today but sugar Daddy didn’t give me his credit card. Daddy come here - open your mouth.” Mistress Ava spits in it “Now lick my shoes. Kiss them, kiss them try harder. Now suck the heel of my shoe”. “He looks like a baby sucking on a tit! The Mistresses laugh at him. Slave Sugar Daddy presses kisses on Mistress Adreena’s bare feet while Mistress Ava uses his back as a foot rest.

Mistress Adreena shoves her entire foot into Slave Sugar’s mouth. he drools on the floor and the Mistresses make him lick it up. Now get all of Ava Austen’s foot in your mouth - yes its a size 7. She shoves her foot deep down his throat Urrgh I’m tickling his tonsils, how disgusting”. Mistress Ava tramples on his hands. “Go and release equity from your house so you can take us shopping next week”

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