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“I fancy hurting your slave today. D’you think he can take all our weights at once?” “We can but try.”” “Come here slave and kiss all our feet - she’s got two remember. Now lie down on the floor.” Mistress Ava presses her sharp stiletto heels into his vulnerable flesh while Ava Austen and Mistress Adreena trample him with their feet. Slipping off her shoes, Mistress Ava subjects his cock and balls to a barefoot trampling.

Mistresses Ava Black, Ava Austen and Adreena are trampling the slave underfoot. “Smell Mistress Adreena’s ass as it hovers above your head” Mistress Ava orders, as she flattens the slave’s cock beneath her foot. The slave starts howling so Ava Austen gags his mouth with her foot. All three Mistresses take turns flattening the slave’s cock with their feet.

“We want your cock hard” the Mistresses continue to trample on it. “That is one gorgeous butt says Mistress Ava as Ava Austen’s skirt rides up and I think she’s not wearing any panties. Mistress Ava pulls her own panties down and gags the slave with them. Are you enjoying the taste of my pussy slave? He moans his pleasure through the panty gag. Mistress Ava plants her ass on his face. “Oh I can feel him steaming up my pussy”

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