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A new slave knocks on Mistress Vivienne’s boudoir door. “Come in slave. Now the first thing any slave must be able to do is to worship my boots” Mistress orders Slave Doc to show Slave Plod the positions. “He’s got right in with the tongue there - excellent. I want my boots to be so shiny they match my latex. Slave position 3. On your back with your tongues under my boots - licking the heels. I want my boot heels nice and clean.”

Mistress sits on her throne supervising her boot worship session. “You must also lick the soles of my boots. I think you’ll be quite a good puppy someday Plod, as you’re so keen on licking. And as for Doc - he’s just a complete boot pervert - a boot slut”. “Now once you've got my soles sufficiently clean you can worship all the way up the legs. Good - I can feel your tongues caressing my boots - very nice”

She orders the slaves to massage her lovely legs in their shiny thigh high PVC boots. “Now you may use your hands and you may massage my legs though the boots. Remember you are to mirror each other. Plod is to follow Doc”. “Good - assume slave position 3 again and continue kissing and licking my boot soles until I’ve had enough.

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