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Mistress Vivienne seizes a slave by the nose, clamping his nostrils, while holding her hand over his mouth. Mmm very effective. She uses her breath control technique on the second slave. Only Mistresses should be allowed free access to oxygen as of right. However there’s an even more effective method of controlling their oxygen supply. Mistress lowers her ass onto the slave’s face.

Mistress is riding a slave’s face. It’s such a good method of reminding slaves who is boss - buried under her ass and unable to draw breath. The slave desperately attempts to suck in some air. Mistress laughs - You’re being smothered under my big butt, it’s flattening your face and denying you breath. Get your face under my queening stool”. Ah much better - far more comfortable for Mistress and just as effective.

Mistress is sitting on Slave Plod’s face. His legs thrash. She raises up and allows him allows him one breath, laughing as she sits back down again. She removes her latex, exposing her gorgeous behind is its sexy latex thong. :Now I can flatten you with my bare bottom, what a luscious bottom it is - juicy, juicy”. Plod becomes a lot more compliant. Now its slave Doc’s turn to have his face buried under Mistress’s ass. She subjects him to ass smother while playing with her breasts.

(This full length version contains three clips)