Calling Slave Plod over Mistress Vivienne orders him to spread his legs. She kicks him in his balls while squeezing slave Doc’s gonads with her other hand. Slave Plod howls and doubles up in pain, annoying Mistress as she has to wait for him to straighten up . “Turn around Plod” . Ah that is so much better, Mistress can bust his balls without having to wait for him to recover.

The kicks come thick and fast with Plod doubling up each time but with no respite from the pain. “Turn around Pod and don’t double up. I don’t need head butting”. Mistress fakes a kick and Plod doubles up in anticipation. “That is absolutely pathetic you’ve just earned yourself more. Mistress lashes his balls with her booted foot in punishment. Plod shrieks and collapses. While Plod rolls around on the floor moaning Mistress adds to the noise by slapping Doc’s balls.

(This full length version contains two clips)

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