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You’re watching Mistress Vivienne. She’s put both slaves in bondage. Doc is secured to the cross and Plod is in bondage in the cock tease stand. Mistress turns on the Hitachi vibrating wand. She gives the slaves a double slapping. Picking up two floggers, red to match her gorgeous latex outfit, Mistress delivers a dual double flogging to the bound slaves. Mistress turns to speak to you. “Now these slaves aren’t going to be allowed to cum, but I’m going to give you a cum countdown later on”

Mistress turns up the Hitachi magic wand and flogs Plod on his belly. She picks up her cane “stick your ass out Doc I want to cane it”. The cane is a very painful, shiny plastic one. Doc wriggles underneath the awful whippy blows. “You’re starting to mark up nicely. I think your butt is going to look very pretty”.

Mistress flicks Plod’s nipples with the cane “you can take one on that fat tummy and three on the nipples” “Arrrrgh arrrruh”. “Are you grateful?” “Yes Goddess” Plod gets the third blow on his nipples and a few more on his pubes for luck. Having finished with the two slaves Mistress turns her attention to you. “Now for your cum countdown slave. You’ve got sixty seconds to cum on my boots”. Mistress gives you the cum countdown and spits on her boots. “Now lick up the spunk and spit from my boots”

(This full length version contains three clips)