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Goddess Felicity is inspecting her maid. She likes the velvet polka dot panties but discovers the maid’s dress is damaged. Goddess grabs the maid by the hair. “I’m going to show you exactly what I expect from my sissy maids - over my knee now! In future you will turn up properly dressed for me” Goddess Felicity spanks sissy’s sore ass.

Goddess Felicity is punishing her maid. She shows him the hairbrush. “This is what you’re going to get next”. The maid goes pale - she knows how painful it is - she won’t be able to sit for a week. Goddess whales the maid’s ass with the hairbrush while the maid jerks and babbles apologies “Hold still” the hairbrush lands repeatedly bruising the maid’s already sore ass. Goddess Felicity is relentless and the awful hairbrush paddling ends with a formal count of six hard spanks “Now thank me and kiss my hairbrush”

“I wasn’t planning on punishing you today - I was planning to give you a treat. I know how much you love cock in that slutty mouth of yours. Tell me how sorry you are” “I’m very, very sorry Mistress, I will try and do better”. Mistress grabs the sissy by the hair and pushes her dildo down her throat. The maid gags and comes up to breath without permission. She gets gets a hard face slapping. “You’re useless - worship my shoes” The maid is ordered to face the wall with the hairbrush in her mouth and her skirts raised to show her bruised ass.

(This full length version contains three clips)