Goddess Felicity puts nipple clamps on the slave and pulls on them. The slave wriggles and howls. “Let’s make sure you can’t go anywhere while I pull on these clamps”. She sits down on his face. You can make as much noise as you want now because no one can hear you scream under my ass. “What’s going on there?” She puts a booted foot on his cock and bounces it up and down. “You obviously can’t hate it that much”

“The thing I like about clamps is - the more you play with them the more the nipples hurt. Nice and still - you’re going to learn some self-control. You’re not giving me what I want! I want you still.” So its back down on his face with Goddess’s ass to make him stop wriggling. “You can make as much noise as you want now, no one can hear you”. She re-applies the clamps and there is yet more screaming. “Let’s shut you up” He’s subjected to more ass smother.

“Its your job to suffer for me isn’t it? So stop being so pathetic and take it”. Goddess Felicity sits on his face. “Yes that’s better. If you try hard enough you are able to give me exactly what I want Your job is to be a nice cushion for me while I play with your nipples”. Goddess applies clamps and the slave starts howling again. “You’re such a slow learner. She sits back on his face. Your face sitting training will continue until you give me exactly what I want”

(this full length version contains three clips)

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