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Lady Bellatrix is wearing a sexy corset, garter belt and thong. she’s bound her collared slave over her bench. She slaps his face. “Do you remember what you did earlier today?” Mistress claws his nipples with her long finger nails and selects clover nipple clamps. She threads them through the slave’s collar, secures them to his nipples and drags them off again.

Mistress’s gorgeous ass projects invitingly as she leans over the bound slave. She slaps his face and pushes a long nail inside his urethra. “I’m sounding you with my nails slave. What a floppy disgusting penis. This is what I think of it”. Leaning forward she spits profusely over his cock. “That’s why you’re a slave and not my lover. I can’t fuck something like that”.

Gripping his cock in her long nails she stretches it and flicks it with her long nails. “Don’t you find the way I’m dressed sexy? “ “Yes Mistress.” “Then why is your cock so floppy? You’re making too much noise slave”. Mistress gags him with a ball gag and whips his balls again.

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