Lady Bellatrix’s PVC Thigh Boot Worship (Full) HD wmv 1
Lady Bellatrix’s PVC Thigh Boot Worship (Full) HD wmv 2

Lady Bellatrix runs her hands over her long shiny PVC thigh boots. Shiny, so shiny, but they could always be shinier. “Come here slave. Get your tongue out and start licking". The slave licks Mistress's boots. "Think about your position slave, while you lick my boots. You are the lowest of the low. Lie on your back slave, give my boot heel a blow job, make blow job noises!"

Mistress wipes her dirty boot soles across the slave’s tongue. “Open your mouth” She pushes her boot heel in. “I’m fucking your mouth with my boot heel.” She tramples her boot heels into the slave’s sore nipples while he groans. The slave begs to be permitted to lick Mistress’s boots again and he’s ordered to slowly run his tongue up and down Mistress’s boots. “Let’s see what sort of job you’ve done of cleaning my boots.”