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“Are you nice and hard for Mistress?” Lady Bellatrix spits profusely on his cock and balls, wraps them tightly in rope bondage and sinks her teeth into the slave’s nipples.

“That’s how every slave should be - with their legs clamped wide open”. Picking up her riding cock she whips him hard on his cock and balls and spits on them again. “That’s what I think of your cock and your balls. I’m the boss and your the slave. All men are slaves.”

Mistress torments the slave’s nipples with a succession of clamps. “Open your mouth”. Mistress coughs up phlegm and spits it into the slave’s mouth. Picking up gigantic Chinese chopsticks Mistress clamps the slave’s cock with them. Look at that saggy foreskin. I can get my entire finger nail in there”. She beats the slave’s bound and engorged cock and balls with a whip.

(This full length version contains four clips)