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"I’ll use your precum as lube". Miss Velour picks up a thick electric sound and inserts it. “I want to stretch the opening to your bladder and I want to touch your g-spot at the front”. Miss Velour spits, to increase the lubrication and the electric connection, and pushes the sound so that its all the way in. She turns on the electrics, stimulating the slave’s urethra all the way down to his bladder. “You’ve got a pathethic excuse for a cock. You know that don’t you?  I’m handling it but a hard on is not going to happen - is it? Right. I am going to give you a choice. The biggest sound or the biggest size dildo in the ass. Which is it to be? You know Mistress always wants more don’t you?” Miss Velour turns up the electrics.  The slave quivers and moans as the electric impulse builds and Miss Velour electrifies the tip of his urethra.