The Mistresses are relaxing upstairs using the slave as their footstool. “What other functions has this slave got? Come here.” Mistress Ava sits on his back and inserts her fingers down his throat. “Come on - open it” Mistress Bounty joins in. The slave drools helplessly - “Oh my God how disgusting. If you throw up I’ll put it back in your mouth and make you swallow it”.

The Mistresses put on their ass pegging cocks, they’re going to spit-roast the slave. “Are you afraid slave? Now suck Mistress Bounty’s cock and if you don’t do it well I’ll fuck your ass with no lube.” The slave gags on the dildo while Mistress Ava sits on his back and rocks him backwards and forwards. “Swallow that drool. Come on deeper. That’s it.” The Mistresses swap places and Mistress Bouncy pushes her dildo up the slave’s ass.

The Mistresses are fucking the slave at both ends.“He’s so wide open, so available to me” Mistress Bounty plunges in and out of the slave’s ass. “Can I take over, Mistress Bounty, I want some of that anal action.”  “Yes of course.” They swap ends. “Oh my dildo fell right in - that ass is so ready” Mistress Ava fucks the slave’s bitch hole. “Who owns you bitch? Give it to Daddy, Give it to Daddy - good boy. Now that’s all the dick you’re getting from me.” “Kiss our dildos in thanks”.

(This full length version contains three clips)

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