Mistress Ava and Felicity’s Burning Questions (Full) HD wmv 1
Mistress Ava and Felicity’s Burning Questions (Full) HD wmv 2

The Mistresses have got their slave bound to a cross. Mistress Ava offers Goddess Felicity one of her cigarettes. They light up their cigarettes. Slaves should not try and think - its bad for their health. What did I just say? The slave has forgotten. They torture his nipples and cock with their cigarette ends. Their friend Master Martin walks in. “Put your ash on his teeny, tiny little cock. Is it hard right now? Its so small I can’t tell. Is it hard slave?” “No Mistress”

Are you a grower slave? How much does it grow?” “No Mistress” Eight inches? “Your cock is just a skin tag!” Mistress Ava blows cigarette smoke in his face and Goddess Felicity puts ash on his tongue. and Master Martin adds some more ash to the pile on his tongue. “Suck smoke in slave. Your good at sucking aren’t you slave”. Have you got stingy eyes slave? Yes Mistress. Oh I thought they were tears of joy”.

(This full length version contains 2 clips)