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Mistress Ava’s going to have sex with her stud. She’s looking forward to fucking a good hard cock, but first she needs to get her rich elderly husband out of the way. She promises hims sex if he lets her tie him up and tells him his cock will get harder if he's in chastity.. 

Ava puts her husband in a hog tie “you’re going to get screwed" she tells him as she ties him up. He thinks he’s going to have sex with her. Stupid cucky is in for a big surprise.

Ava takes her stud up to her bedroom. Cucky is lying on the floor hogtied and helpless “Why are you doing this? he wails. “Because he’s got a big cock, not like that pathetic thing you’ve got there. He’s a real man with a real stiff one”. Cucky is left to struggle in his bondage while he listens to his wife having sex with her stud.

Ava’s kicks her hogtied husband. “If you don’t do everything I say I’ll take half of everything you own and bankrupt you. See that cock? I want you to suck it - make him hard again.”  The stud thrusts his cock down cucky’s throat “Can you taste your wife’s pussy on my cock”? He sits on cucky’s face and makes him rim his ass. “Cum all over his face” urges Ava and her stud jerks off and covers cucky’s face in jizz.

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