“Where’s my money?” Mistress counts it. “Is that all of it?” Yes Mistress” “We’re supposed to be having a rinsing session! If you think that £100 is going to cut it - you’ve got another think coming”. Mistress kicks him in the balls. “I do have my bank cards Mistress” “Get them” “Payment declined!Open those legs for me. Spread them. You’ve got a tiny cock as well haven’t you?” Mistress brings her foot slamming into his cock and balls

The slave is crouched on the floor with his legs spread wide.  Mistress brings her foot slamming into the slave’s balls. The slave shouts and howls. “How much have you got in your bank account?” “Just under one hundred Mistress”. “You thought you were going to get a findom session with less than £200?” “Do you know what you’re going to get for less than £200? You’re going to get a kicking in the nuts” The slave gets a savage ball kicking

(This full length version contains two clips)

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