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“I don’t want to go out tonight slave so you can make me happy by worshipping my feet. Sniff my feet. Now kiss my big toe - good - now worship my foot”. The slave kisses the soles of Mistress’s foot and licks her instep. “Now the other one - there you go”. He sucks her big toes. Mistress sighs with pleasure. “Lie down slave” Mistress rubs her foot across his tongue and pushes her toes down his throat “urgh” “What’s the matter slave? Am I too much woman for you?”

the slave’s spit glistens on Mistresses toes as she continues to push them down his throat. She pumps them in and out “oh yeah mmmmm”. She plays with his cock with her toes “what’s the matter? am I causing a situation in your little boy shorts?” Mistress slides her feet under his shorts and manipulates his cock. “Now worship my feet with your hands”

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