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“You fucking stupid dough boy - you were supposed to give us money at the end of the week. You know we like to go out Friday”. Mistress Ava slaps his face repeatedly while he cries. “We’ll tell people you paid for sex unless you pay up. Say I want to suck your dick Master and that you love his cock. Good. Now say I’m going to live on a diet of spunk from now on and say my diet will be cum and only cum.”

“You’re going to be serving supreme black dominance every day”. Mistress Ava slaps his face while he cries. “I’d say he’s hot to trot. Beg for the black Master’s cock”. “Please Master, please may I suck your cock”. “I’m going to punch you in the cock and balls all day unless you plead convincingly”. `’Please, please Master let me suck your cock every single day”. “Good now you’re going to give us 80% of your wages. We can put your money to better use than you can”. Ava slaps his face until his cheeks are red.

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