Mistress Erika and Julia - Pre Surgery Preparations (Full) HD wmv 1
Mistress Erika and Julia - Pre Surgery Preparations (Full) HD wmv 2

Mistress Erika and Julia are dressed in nurse costumes. They run their hands over each other and smooth polish onto their sexy outfits “Ladies, nurses we’re ready to play” Mistress Julia shakes her breasts and rubs her hands over her boots. “are we going to give the victim a mangina?” Nurse Julia lays out medical bondage and a latex feminisation hood.

Nurses Erika and Julia dress the patient in a latex body outfit and feminisation hood. “She’s got hairs growing inside her mouth - she’s got a demon inside her”. “We could perform an exorcism?” “Would that involve holy water?” asks the patient. “We’ve got lots of holey water” says Nurse Julia “water that comes out of our holes””

The nurses put a bright red wig on the patient. “Look at the state of it! What are we going to do with it?” “Perform an operation on it, so that its more suitable when we get it pregnant and claim benefits for it” “Now we need heavy latex bondage for this patient. “One of the things you must remember is everything we do is for your benefit dear.” the nurses secure their patient firmly to the medical chair

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