Mistress Erika and Julia’s Slave Pinata (full) HD mp4 1
Mistress Erika and Julia’s Slave Pinata (full) HD mp4 2

The Mistresses have suspended a slave from the ceiling. “Today we will be playing pinata with this slave, one of our favourite games”, The slave’s cock and balls are secured to a dog leash which the Mistresses use to spin him around while they whip him.

Mistress Erika picks up a flogger and lays into the suspended slave with enthusiasm. “Look at his pathetic stinky dick”. “You said you liked boots”. Mistress Julia kicks him in the cock and balls with her shiny PVC thigh boots

Mistress Erika brings in their cock slave and stands him on a chair. They take Ginge’s blindfold off. “I want to be your friend Ginge. I want to give you a special kiss, and if you don’t give me a kiss I’m going to spit on you Ginge” The Mistress roar with laughter. Right Ginge, you’ve got a choice. Suck this cock or its the nasty bastard stick”

(this full length version contains six clips)