The slave is imprisoned in a small body cage with his hands locked behind his head. “He’s not going anywhere says Mistress Tiffany. “While you’re trapped in there we can do whatever we want with you says” Mistress Petite. They put clamps on his nipples and prod his cock with a cane. “I do like the gap through to his cock and balls” the Mistress insert their feet trough the gap and bounce his balls “Don’t dribble on my shoes!”

“You’re our caged toy” says Mistress Tiffany scratching him with her long finger nails. The Mistresses tug on the nipple clamps and pull them off while the slave moans and wriggles. “Oh look my shoe is perfectly shaped to get into that gap” says Mistress Tiffany, inserting her long heeled red stiletto. “Let’s give your balls a kick.” “Look, we’ve marked him. “Branded by our nails”

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