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Now then 457 you’ve been very naughty haven’’t you? You’ve been trying to incite a treasonous rebellion against me. Unfortunately for you it didn’t work. They grassed you up. This is not an ordinary cell - its my torture chamber and you are going to be confined in here for a month. This is where I whip you, where I suspend you, where I use electrics on you.

This cell is cold and damp in winter and hot and humid in summer and its got a hard stone floor and no bed. Its your punishment for inciting rebellion. If you trash the cell you’ll be put in a straight jacket in the padded cell next door and tube fed. I will be interrogating you to find out who else has been plotting against me, and suspending you in this gibbet if you don’t submit during my initial interrogation.

The gibbet is also part of my torture equipment as it will conduct electricity when I use it with my violet wand - giving you an unsurpassed electrifying experience. I’ll also be bringing in a steel chair and using tried and trusted techniques to extract the truth from you, nails in hands and balls, waterboarding, tight rope and extreme sensory deprivation. So 457, this is where I lock you in the cell.

here today so I’m taking off my jacket. Not that this is doing much for that puny little cock of yours! I thought you were a big brave man but I see that your cock looks like a little worm. Once I put a sack on your head and start pouring water mercilessly down your throat, you will appreciate exactly who is boss

I can make your stay here a whole lot more gruesome if I choose. I have other prisoners in here, homicide and convicted rapists. I can let them in here to have their way with you. They’ll make mincemeat out of your asshole. Would you like that? I suspect you might enjoy being molested.

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