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“Piss by mouth for this patient”. “Yes the last thing we want is a dehydrated patient”. “Nurse Julia intubates the patient with a gag and fills the cup with her nectar. “You’ve dribbled! - you dirty little bitch”.

“Shall we remove the penis? And put sutures down the front? Oh look its swelling at the thought. I think we’re correct in our diagnosis of terminal debauchery”. “There’s only one cure - our hammer and nail treatment. That should stop masturbation for at least a week”.

Nurse Erika picks up a hammer and drives a nail through the patient’s ball sac. “You’ll find this is a good cure for wankitis”. “Now this will help with the penile dribbling”. The nurses seize the foreskin and hammer a nail through it.

Nurse Julia drives another nail through the penis and Nurse Erika picks up stethoscope and applies it to the patient’s genitals. “Let’s check that pulse. Cough - mmm I think this patient needs further treatment for terminal debauchery”. “We need to treat the nipples”.

The sadistic nurses push the needles through the patient’s nipple area.“Now I’m rather keen to get a needle through the patient’s penis”. “Clamp nurse?” “Yes - thank you. Right through that little cock”.

The nurses push needles through the patient’s ball sac, a known cure for debauchery. “Will this cure him?” “Well I always hope it will but he has relapses. Yesterday this patent visited a dominatrix and sucked cock”. The nurses complete the operation by putting their initials on the patient’s ball sac.

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