Nurse de Sade questions her patient about his chastity. She has caught him perving at women on the street. “How have you been handling your chastity slave?” “Its quite difficult Mistress. Its been five months since you generously allowed me to masturbate Mistress”. Who owns that cock and balls slave?”  “You do, you own them Mistress”.

Sadistic Nurse de Sade pushes the first needle through the slave’s ball sack. “Your cock is very small slave but its getting in the way - hold it! If you don’t hold it I will pin it down with a needle!”

Nurse de Sade is working her way up the balls to the cock. Needles eight and nine go through his cock. The slave moans in pain. “Next time you have the urge to perve at women on the street - what are you going to think about slave” “You sticking needles into my worthless small cock Mistress.”

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